The Girls in the Band–The Official Site of the Music Documentary

Many thanks to all who contributed to our Indiegogo Fundraising drive.  We surpassed our goal with a total of $15,690.  A special thank you to Jackie Joseph Lawrence whose generous contribution put us over the top!  A separate list of the individuals and foundations who provided the majority funding for The Girls in the Band can be found in the end credits of the film and will be posted here at a later date.

The IndieGoGo Funders:

Al Hirschhorn
Amanda King
Anita Dudek
Annie Korzen
Art Alexander
Barbara Borden
Bernard Fleischer
Carine Fabius
Charlie Phillips
Claiborne Ray
Darlene Bearde
David A. Roth
Dia and Mike Rianda
Donald Perlman
Donna Manning
Dr. Gayle Weiston-Serdan
Emily Sage
Faith Gibson
Frank Capp
Gail Jhonson
Gerry Fifer
Howard Johnson
Ilene Graff
Jackie Joseph-Lawrence
Jacqueline Randall

Jan Leder
Janette Greenawald
Jawanza Kobie
Jeanette Sahi Martire
Jeanette Nelson
Jim Sullins
Joseph Bryant
Judith Green
Kate Amend
Kathleen Glick
Kyung Yoon
Lainie Cooke
Laura Lloyd
Linda Gunther
Lindy Benton-Muller
Lydia Rappaport
Lynne Littman
Marcia Doerr
Marilyn Baker
Matt Chaikin
Max Bennett
Melissa Foraker
Michele Bernath
Moreen Murray
Nobuko Cobi Narita

Parveen Shah
Patty and Don Simons
Rebecca Barry
Richard Sly
Rick Farrell
Rosalind Johnson
Scott Mackie
Sharon Camarda
Sheila Nadler
Stephanie Bryan
Theodore DeCorso
Tom and Sharon James
Trina Celise
Trish Cowley and Gary Gilson
Wayne Bergeron
Wayne Snyder
Wendy Simon Sinkler
Yanna Fabian
Yevette Stewart Parsons
Yoko Takemura
Yvonne Soto

Thank you also to the 7 donors who wished to remain anonymous.