The Girls in the Band–The Official Site of the Music Documentary

“Very MOVING...great characters and good story-tellers...great work.”
John Sayles
Director/Writer, Academy Award Nominee, Writers Guild Award Winner
“A POWERFUL, ENGAGING, AND ENLIGHTENING film... a thrilling feminist portrayal ... and the music is SUBLIME.”
Lynne Littman
Director, Academy Award Winner
“A VIVID EXPERIENCE... I sat there watching and just wiping tears away...TEARS OF JOY.”
Herbie Hancock
Acclaimed Jazz Artist
“Aside from the VALUABLE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE of your film, it is A MAGNIFICENT WORK OF ART...A COLLAGE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience The Girls In The Band… you have created THE DEFINITIVE RECORD FOR ALL FUTURE SEEKERS and made it come alive.”
Shelby Fischer
Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz
“Deeper and more poignant and more terrifically entertaining than most documentaries. BUT THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. THOSE WOMEN CAN MAKE MUSIC.”
Harvey Perr
“A BRILLIANT and COMPREHENSIVE NEW EXAMINATION of the world of jazz from its inception to the present. Kudos to all involved.”
Mark Rydell
Director, Academy Award Nominee
“HIGHLY INFORMATIVE and thoroughly enjoyable. Should entice a far wider audience than your run of the mill documentary.”
Agnus Wynne